Heat wave intensifies mid week through the weekend.

Tuesday July 18th was a typical mid summer day across much of the south east with thunderstorms (some intense) erupting over The Carolina’s and Virginia due to an upper low aloft ( also known as a cold pool aloft) giving better instability with little to no CAP in the atmosphere. I hope those who did get in on the rain enjoyed! rainy days will be more scarce in the next 5 days across much of the southern and central US.


Tuesday evenings conditions across the South East. Now we turn our attention to the heat wave now building across the Plains states moving east.

The three maps above are valid Wednesday with the position of the upper ridge and forecast morning lows and afternoon highs. By Thursday things get even hotter as seen in the next images.

Thurs morn 500 mb

Thursday we see the strong high aloft over the central US but heat in the lower atmosphere will advect eastward setting the stage for a prolonged heat event.

The nights don’t cool off much in these situations so cooling demand will no doubt soar as A/C units work overtime.

By Friday the ridge flattens out at the upper levels but the heat only builds.

Fri morn 500 mb

The short range forecast model image above on the left is Friday mornings lows, that could set some record for maximum lows in some areas. With this heat comes high values in the heat index department take a look at Friday and Saturday’s forecast heat index.

Friday high index

Saturday heat index

Dangerous heat is in store for a prolonged time so take care of you and your pets as well.


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