Weekly Outlook – Comfortable week ahead to start August

I’m sure many have enjoyed the break from mid summer heat and humidity, what a treat! If you are enjoying the almost fall like temperatures in the North East/Great Lakes, the coming week also looks overall cooler than normal and less humid (expect for the typical deep south at times and the south east coast). The surface map for Monday (below) shows a large high pressure in control over much of the lower 48 east of the Rockies.

Monday Sfc map

By Tuesday we see the same thing though the high pressure at the surface has moved east a bit, but still over all nice weather for mid summer will continue.


Tuesday’s surface map

The next image is the GFS forecast model ensemble (meaning the model is run many times with different inputs to come to a general output). This map shows the upper level pattern, and notice the blue color over the mid section of the US. This is 1 through 5 days averaged out showing a dip in the jet stream which will allow front after front to move across the eastern US in the coming week.


Also notice above the ridging in the western half of North America and off the south eastern portion of North America. This in time may set up a wet time for the south east as the ridge tries to push west from the Atlantic and the western ridge holds firm.

Wednesday’s surface map
Thursday’s surface map
Friday’s surface map


With these fronts near by and hanging along the south east coast at times, rainfall will increase in some places while the temps take a dive from seasonal normal (though you may have a day or two at or above average) but the overall cool will work to make the next 5 days cooler, which I don’t think many will complain.

GFES forecast temperature anomaly July 30- August 4th

Here’s the rainfall from the Weather Prediction Center for the next 7 days.


With all this in mind, you know sooner or later summers heat and humidity will return but in the 6-10 day temperature outlook (August 5th-9th) shows even higher chances of below normal temperatures!

longrange 6-10 day Aug 5-9


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