Rain returning to the South East and Southern Plains into the weekend

Today’s featured image comes from Space Science and Engineering Center website from the US latest weather satellite GOES-16 which was launched into space last November (2016). It is currently non operational (meaning it’s not being used in forecast operations just yet but going through a testing phase) and it’s available to the public through a few websites.

Back to the current weather and where the pattern is heading now that we are half way though the work week:


Surface map above shows high pressure in control over the Great Lakes to New England down into the Atlantic where after some heavy rain early in the week, I’m sure that region could use a day or two to dry out a bit (as well as places even further south) as seen in the next image (last 30 precip departure) shows that while areas along the Gulf has dealt with flooding and just too much rain, some places in the Carolina’s could still use a bit more, after mid/late July heat wave in which rain was little to none for a few weeks. That looks to change.

30 day Deviation from Normal Precipitation

As mentioned earlier this is going to change again and soon. Below are Thursday and Friday’s surface map.

With an old frontal boundary hanging around the south east more rain is expected with day time heating of the moist boundary layer and small upper level spins (energy) moving atop a warm, unstable surface the result will be (in some cases) slow moving rain showers/storms, some of which will be heavy. We can see this in the GFS rain fall forecast and precipitation forecast anomaly maps below.

Notice in the two images above the heavy rain being predicted over eastern Oklahoma, the Climate Prediction Center is also highlighting this area in the hazardous weather outlook days 3-7 (see image below)


There will be a weekend outlook by Friday afternoon so check back.  And as always, our weekly outlook will be posted this upcoming Sunday.


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