Weekend outlook August 12th – 13th


last 7 day rainfall
last 7 day rain total

The image above is rain fall over the last 7 days. As you can see places in east Tennessee and parts of coastal Carolina got in on the heavy rain (as hinted at in the latest Latest weekly outlook )

2pm Saturday

Saturday’s surface map above showing an incoming cold font across the eastern US. This will likely stall over the weekend somewhere in the south and bring more heavy rains, possible flooding in some areas.

8 am SUnday

Sunday morning (map above) the front has or is forecast to make it into the south east and stall leading to rounds of rain on already saturated ground. Check out the NAM short rage forecast rain fall output through Sunday night.

NAM rainfall thourgh sunday night

With all this rain and being it’s summer you can bet the humidity will be down right tropical. Here’s Saturday and Sunday’s afternoon forecast dew point values.

Here’s the Weather Prediction Center’s rain fall forecast for the South East and Southern Plains.

Check back for our Weekly Outlook in two day (Sunday)!


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