Gusty Winds, Rain and Isolated Tornadoes look to Effect the Carolinas and VA

Hurricane Irma is trucking its way towards Florida. Category 4 strength is expected for Florida. This will move through the state with wind, flooding, rain, and tornadoes as well as storm surge. The concern for storm surge will exist from Florida all the way to the southern NC coast.

In the Carolinas we are expecting tropical storm force winds, rain over 2″, and also tornadoes due to the ability for a tropical system to drop tornadoes (even as it weakens, the tropical storm causes rotation and can produce tornadoes). This risk would be Monday night and Tuesday. This risk would go a bit north of Roanoke Virginia also.

The Blue Ridge will pull more rain out and help the rotation of any of the bands that move through.

What to Expect Monday Night and Tuesday (Carolinas into Virginia)

  • Wind
    • tropical storm force gusts at least  39 mph or higher
  • Rain
    • 2-4″
  • Tornadoes
    • moderate chance


Make sure you have a way to get warnings.

For up to date information and forecast maps, visit the National Hurricane Center (NHC) website.  New forecast maps, rainfall totals, and other images from the NHC (September 9th) are posted in the gallery below.

Storm Squad will be continuing to update when possible, and we also plan on live-streaming and documenting the hurricane in southern Georgia/northern Florida.  Follow our Facebook page and check our website for updates about our live-stream.

Stay Safe

Dean D Davison



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