Tropics are very active

With hurricane Irma battering Florida and Cuba at this time there is more than one game in town and more to watch as the peak of Hurricane season is upon us.

Hurricane Irma crossing between Cuba and southern Florida
Euro model showing Irma moving inland over the south eastern US and later becoming an upper low pressure.
Saturday afternoon tropical Atlantic analysis showing two Hurricanes and another tropical wave off of Africa
24 hour forecast shows Irma turning up he west coast of Florida while hurricane Jose stalls around, notice the two tropical waves off of Africa.
Saturday afternoon forecast tracks for Irma

Looking at the Euro model, I see this forecast simulation stall Jose and does a loop as seen in the forecast tracks below


Below we see in the 6-10 day range the Euro model tries to draw Jose closer to the south east US but this is the first time this model has shown this so it is of course suspect.

As said earlier this is peak time for tropical activity and this year has proven to be active. Keep checking back for updates on the latest severe weather.


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