Weather game changer on the way for the eastern US


The image above shows us moisture in the mid atmosphere (shown in yellows and greens) while dry air is shown in brown. We can see what’s left of once Hurricane Irma spinning over the east central US but she’s on her way out over the next few days off to the north east. Notice up in western Canada above Washington, there’s a sight dip which is energy in the jet stream that will change the pattern for the eastern US and make for a storm track from the Rockies to the Great Lakes.

The next image is the Euro model 7 day average upper jet pattern, notice the ridge in the east over the North East and the dip in the west.

A large high pressure over the northern Pacific ocean will lead to a trough over the western US and pump up a ridge in the North
7 day avg of sea level pressure (helpful for finding storm systems and high pressure areas)

With lower pressure overall in the western US and Rockies we expect low pressure to develop over the next 5 to 7 days.

US CFS model 7 day temp anomaly

The US Climate Forecast System model has done a decent job this summer and going into fall on it’s temp forecast so and with the above data in mind I believe the CFS is a good choice and will represent whats to come over the next week. Below you’ll find the Climate Prediction Centers forecast for temps and precip over the next 6-10 days. If you like warm (not hot) and dry weather then you’ll love this and hopefully this pattern can help those areas flooded by recent hurricanes to dry out.


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