Weekly outlook 9/17-9/24

Rising temperatures for the central US eastward this week!

When see dips coming into the western US we know a ridge is about to build either in the central US or eastern US and indeed model simulations have this happening (trough ridge pattern) west to east into the whole week! so If you like warmth and want one last taste of summer this is it!

We can see Jose off the eastern US

Monday Morn Jose
Radar simulation of Jose as it spins over the western Atlantic

Jose’s forecast track


Some model projected high temps through out the week (click on images to enlarge)

The idea is that the heat will build in the central US then spread east/north east with time. Take a look at the 7 day mean upper jet stream pattern along with the surface temp departures.

EC 500mb 7 day

Large ridge over the Gulf of Alaska leading to a trough in the western states and warmth or heat into the eastern US take a look at temp departures below.

EC 2s Temp anom 7 day

The heat spreads out east with time for a very warm week as we head into late September. Lastly here’s a look at rainfall forecast for the next 7 days.


Next weekend we’ll take a look into what October has in store đŸ˜‰


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