Tropical Effects on The Mid Atlantic

Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Maria both have their eyes set on leaving some impacts on the Mid Atlantic Coast over the next week. In places such as the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia, the water rise and onshore flow from northeast winds will make it breezy and coastal flooding issues will become possible as well as beach erosion. As we head north the impacts turn worse with tropical storm force winds, isolated tornadoes, heavy rain and storm surge of 2-3 feet. Expected from Delaware to Cape Cod with New Jersey getting the brunt of the storm, and then CT RI and Mass.

If Jose wasn’t an issue enough, Maria is next in line. Two big scenarios are possible for Maria

  1. The high pressure stays strong and drives Maria into the east coast
  2.  Jose helps Maria move out to sea

Those options are on the table and the next few days are key to the final destination of Maria.

Some of the current forecast links we are looking at:

Stay with us for the latest weather info.



Additional Links:


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