Nate makes landfall on mouth of Mississippi River. Carolinas and VA to get gusty, squally, and possibly tornadic

Hurricane Nate has made landfall at the mouth of the Mississippi River about an hour or two ago. As Nate moves inland we will start feeling effects in NC and VA on Sunday.

Increasing rainfall totals and isolated tornadoes are a good bet for areas east of the low pressure system that was Nate. This will include Greensboro, Asheville, Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Charlottesville. Rainfall west of the blue ridge will be 3-5”. East of the blue ridge will be 2-4″. The issue I see is increased right along the blue ridge. Also the tornado threat will be heavily increased along the blue ridge.

What to expect

Sunday PM through Monday

  • Rain increases
  • winds 20-30 gust to 60 mph
  • isolated tornadoes


  • scattered showers and breezy


Any tornado threat will be short fused, meaning that it would pose an immediate danger and occur over a relatively short amount of time.  Be prepared.

Dean D Davison



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