Stormsquad’s forecast track for Hurricane Irma

In the featured image we see three tropical cyclones along with a low pressure over north eastern US and a cold front off the eastern US over the ocean. Follows closely to the Model track plots in the latest forecast tracks by the models Also matching the Weather Prediction Center’s forecast in the images below… Continue reading Stormsquad’s forecast track for Hurricane Irma

Threat Increases for Impacts of Irma

Computer model data has been pretty consistent on where it wants to point Hurricane Irma, now a category 5 hurricane. The first location in the path of Irma is starting to get blasted and that’s the leeward islands.

Hurricane Irma Not Set in Stone but Early Precautions Should Start Now

Hurricane Irma is many many miles out in the ocean but some concerns need to be addressed. Most people don’t get an emergency kit together, and now is the time to prepare. Even if Irma goes and skirts the coast the need for a kit is important for survival. Think about this: You get water,… Continue reading Hurricane Irma Not Set in Stone but Early Precautions Should Start Now

A Look Back at Tropical Storm Hermine

On September 2, 2016 Tropical Storm Hermine made its way across Wilmington, North Carolina (NC). Wind reports in NC for the storm ranged up to 80 mph, and total rainfall in NC ranged up to 13.34 inches (reported by the National Weather Service). Dan Whittaker and Nic Roberson of StormSquad stayed the night in Wilmington… Continue reading A Look Back at Tropical Storm Hermine

Tropical rains for the South East

Featured image shows what’s left of once hurricane Harvey now moving through Mississippi into the Tennessee valley bringing with it tropical downpours and as those red boxes in the featured above show, a risk for severe weather and tornadoes. Images above are forecast simulated radar from 2 AM Friday through 8 PM Friday. The rainfall outlook… Continue reading Tropical rains for the South East

September Outlook

September, transition month! We move from summer into fall by mid month, but did you know that meteorologists consider the season months of September, October and November as fall? They do this by taking into account the rapidly changing weather pattern along with the downward trend in temperatures for the three month time frame (just like… Continue reading September Outlook

Tropical Storm Harvey

“HARVEY QUICKLY STRENGTHENING AND FORECAST TO BE A MAJOR HURRICANE WHEN IT APPROACHES THE MIDDLE TEXAS COAST” – National Hurricane Center, Miami FL. Indeed this is shaping up to be a major storm for the western Gulf coastal areas in particular, Texas. Here’s an overview on the latest as of Thursday morning. Short Term forecast… Continue reading Tropical Storm Harvey