Weekly outlook 9/17-9/24

Rising temperatures for the central US eastward this week! When see dips coming into the western US we know a ridge is about to build either in the central US or eastern US and indeed model simulations have this happening (trough ridge pattern) west to east into the whole week! so If you like warmth… Continue reading Weekly outlook 9/17-9/24

Weekend outlook 9/16-9/17

Ah warmer times are arriving just in time for the weekend from the central Plains eastward. In the map above you may have noticed the snow outlook in the northern Rockies and indeed it’s that time of year ( September ) the higher areas of the Rockies see their first snow since last spring. As… Continue reading Weekend outlook 9/16-9/17

Weather game changer on the way for the eastern US

The image above shows us moisture in the mid atmosphere (shown in yellows and greens) while dry air is shown in brown. We can see what’s left of once Hurricane Irma spinning over the east central US but she’s on her way out over the next few days off to the north east. Notice up… Continue reading Weather game changer on the way for the eastern US

September Outlook

September, transition month! We move from summer into fall by mid month, but did you know that meteorologists consider the season months of September, October and November as fall? They do this by taking into account the rapidly changing weather pattern along with the downward trend in temperatures for the three month time frame (just like… Continue reading September Outlook

Tropical activity heating up close to home

Trouble close to home looks to be brewing. Two areas the National Hurricane Center is watching is one area around the Yucatan Peninsula, and the other being north west of the Bahamas. Of interesting note is the large area of high pressure moving in currently from Canada. This is quite a strong high pressure for late summer… Continue reading Tropical activity heating up close to home